Simple Things That Anyone Can Do To Protect The Honeybee

When most people think about bees, they mostly think about honey. However, bees also are responsible for pollinating flowers, fruits, and many types of crops. The bee plays an essential role in food production and farms rely on the services that bees provide. Unfortunately, the honeybee has been at risk for some time. Over the last few decades, the bee population has declined drastically. In 2015, the U.S. considered giving a bee species protection under the endangered species act. Thankfully, there are things we can to that will help to protect bees. If people take the appropriate steps, this can help to reduce the threat that the bees face. Bees will begin thriving, which means our crops will be thriving as well.

Plant A Garden

To us, flowers are a wonderful way to decorate to yard. To a bee, a flower is an essential source of pollen and nectar. If you plant flowers in your yard, nearby bees will be able to get the nourishment that they need.

There are certain types of flowers that are especially valuable to bees. Cosmos is an annual flower that will provide bees with plenty of food. Marigolds, primulas, and bluebells are also great choices. Put together a garden that no bee will be able to resist.

Avoid Using Pesticides

While we don't know exactly why the bee population is in decline, most experts believe that pesticides have played a role. Even if pesticides aren't being used to kill bees, they may drift onto nearby plants, killing or harming bees in the process. Avoid using any kind of pesticides in your garden. Instead, focus on natural pest deterrents.

Don't spray chemicals all over your yard. Lay down some orange rinds, or spray garlic water in the areas that you want to protect. There are plenty of pest control methods that won't cause harm to honeybees.

Support Your Local Beekeepers

If the bee population continues to drop, the work of beekeepers will be more important than ever. Do everything you can to support their efforts. When you buy honey, make a point of buying it from a local beekeeper. If beekeepers are able to sell their wares, they can continue to care for the bees.

Find Other Ways To Help The Bees

There are a number of other things that you can do that can have a positive impact on the future of the honeybee. A lot of these things are fairly minor, but in the big picture, they can make a difference.

You should always buy organic produce when you can. When you support organic farmers, you are helping to discourage pesticide use. You can also donate to charities. There are a number of organizations that are doing everything they can to keep bees safe.

The bee population has decreased dramatically. If we don't act now, the honeybee will be at serious risk. With that said, if people work to protect bees, we may be able to reverse the damage that has been done. Bees do so much more than produce honey and our very existence could hinge on the work that this precious insect does.

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