Jeff Becvar

Featured Beekeeper

August 2014

Jeff Beckvar - National Honeybee Swarm Removal Directory

I am a Master Beekeeper with 20 year of experience in Kansas, Iowa and Minnesota. I provide services such as trap outs, cut outs of bee hives located within structures and swarm collection removal and relocation services humanely done and relocated back into woodenware and placed back into operation. I specialize in honey bee infestations that need to be rescued and relocated in my own beekeeping operation. I have also provided services with Emergency Management to recover Bee Spills due to vehicles capsizing on major highways in Kansas.  I am equipped with all necessary carpentry and drywall tools necessary to repair entry areas and return them back to normal condition.

Jeff Becvar is available for Honeybee Swarm Removals, Trap Outs and Cut Outs in Iowa 515-537-5260