Joshua Lachmann

Featured Beekeeper

February 2015

Bees and Beekeeping has always fascinated me. When I was 9 years old my family lived in the jungles of South America near Bogota, Columbia as teachers of missionary kids. We had a lot of free time and one of my favorite things to do was what my twin brother and I called “bombing” bees nests. There were exotic bees, wasps, and hornets and they were everywhere. We would throw rocks at the nests to try to break them up. They would get so mad. It was a fun game as long as we didn't get stung. 
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Later moving back to Valparaiso, Indiana, my dad was introduced to beekeeping through a friend at church. He kept a couple of bee hives for a few years letting my brother and I help.
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Then my brother moved to Blue Ridge, Georgia and got into beekeeping even more. I helped him for a year keeping about 10 hives. But I ended up back in Indiana. There, I married my beautiful bride of 7 years! I had stopped doing anything with bees during that time and was working a construction job. But I wanted a change with my life. I wanted to be doing something different. My wife and I spent time in prayer. Because of this, Liz encouraged me to keep some bees in the backyard. I got 2 hives and loved it. Through a several year process, I discovered the need for bee removal specialists. I started removing bees on the side. The following year we ended up moving near Atlanta Georgia to start a beekeeping/bee removal business. I currently have around 20 hives that I have removed from homes and businesses in the area.

My biggest obstacles were overcoming fear of being stung by bees (which only took a few hundred stings) and keeping going with the business when discouraged. I would like to especially thank my wife Liz, brother Caleb, BJ Weeks of Weeks Works, and Bill Owens of Georgia Bee Removal who have all been a huge help to me!
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The name of my company is Southeast Bee Removal and has been in business going on 3 years. We specialize in the live removal and relocation of honey bees. Based out of Fayetteville, Georgia on the south side of Atlanta, I do bee removal covering the whole state, as well as Birmingham, Alabama, Greenville, South Carolina and the surrounding areas. My services include swarm removal as well as removing an entire colony of honey bees from a structure, repairing the access area, and guaranteeing against re-infestation. We also sell local raw honey.

Things I love about beekeeping: harvesting the honey and honeycomb, the spring buildup when the colonies of bees explode in population, and being able to save and relocate bees. Beekeeping is very relaxing and enjoyable and something that began as a hobby. So to be able to have a business with bees is a dream come true!

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Joshua Lachmann is available for Honeybee Swarm Removals, Trap Outs and Cut Outs in Georgia, parts of Alabama and South Carolina. (404) 594-2337 (404) 594-BEES